2019 Kia Rio – Features, Hatchback Model and Price

The 2019 Kia Rio is another convincing vehicle which will be arriving soon and it is going to be an interesting addition in the popular series of vehicles and it is being said that this time newer version will get many new and classy features so you can expect that car will be equipped with better performing potential, this will give high power outcome, there will be better energy related economic climate and the best part is that an updated design will be presented. Reports are indicating that its one of those deigns which will be presented in two models that will be hatchback and sedan. You can make the selection in accordance with your preferences.

2019 Kia Rio - front

2019 Kia Rio Specifications

The manufacturers have given special importance to the production of 2019 Kia Rio and their main focus is that it will take help from modernized lighter materials, the fuel economy will be given a great boost and the best part is that engine of this vehicle will be of great quality. Because of all these latest additions the weight will be reduced and best part is that car will become eco-friendly and much better than its predecessor and will minimize pollution to a great extent. The appearance will be given a boost. The bumper will be lengthened also there will be the inclusion of newer headlights to give a classy appeal to car. Coming towards interior seats will be equipped with high quality comfortable covering, which will ensure that you can enjoy an entertaining ride. Technically vehicle will have the inclusion of technologically advanced functions so that level of safety should much the set standards. The aim is to provide high grade secure features to this model.

2019 Kia Rio - interior

Engine related specification

Engine is going to be high grade for showing compatibility with modern day requirements. the information, which has been presented shows that this model will have inclusion of 1.6 L inline four along with the 138 equine and torque of 123 lb-ft and it can be expected that we will be seeing 1.4 l motor capable of generating 98 hp. The mpg ranking will be very much convincing the engine will be 1.0 L, 3 cylinders, so that it can become a basic motor. These specifications indicate towards the point that 2019 Kia Rio will come with a high grade performing engine, which will deliver even in the most demanding conditions.

2019 Kia Rio - rear


As far as competition is concerned the car will be facing tough competition from masses and its prominent rivals are being mentioned below

  • Honda City
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Toyota Yaris

Price and Release Date

As far as price is concerned we don’t have any specific details present, but keeping inconsideration the modern trends and added features it will become apparent that 2019 Kia Rio will cost 14,000 dollars to 18500 dollars. Coming towards release it is expected that car will be in market by the end of this year or by start of next year. In short, 2019 Kia Rio is going to be a great vehicle.

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